One To One Breathing

We serve you based on what you need, not what we know

We bring science and medicine, through our medical training, into self-healing Conscious Breathing, delivering bespoke services to you 

Conscious breathing, aka Breathwork, is a self-healing technique that helps people to access the full potential of their respiratory system for better physical, emotional and mental well-being, and sharper cognitive performance. 

In each One to One Breathing session, you benefit from Melike’s extensive training and field experience across a variety of breathwork disciplines, techniques and practices with world renowned masters, institutions and medical doctors. 

BreathZone One to One Breathing sessions are truly unique. Melike combines her expertise in Conscious Breathing with her medical background as a Qualified Nurse, delivering client-focused bespoke sessions with science-backed and medically safe tools and techniques. 

Choice is yours.

Let's create a bespoke personal breathing zone for you

As your personal wellness coach, we developed two unique conscious breathing methods, creating personal breathing zone for you –

Breathzone Signature Breathwork® and Transformational Breath®, catering to your unique needs and objectives.

▪️ Transformational Conscious Breathing® is our Signature Breathwork ®. It is one of a kind, combining our vast repertoire of

Breathwork practices with practical Mindfulness tools. It is ideal if you want to be at your best in all endeavours of your life.

▪️Transformational Breath® is a unique deep, therapeutic breathwork practice.

Ideal if you want release emotional and mental blockages for step-change and growth.

Our One to One Breathing Solutions


Breathzone Signature Breathwork ®

Perfect synergy of Conscious Breathing and Mindfulness

You will

• cultivate the anatomically correct breathing pattern. Ideal starting point for your journey!

• learn a range of breathwork practices custimised for you

• combine these with select mindfulness tools

• gain vast tool-kit that you can use anytime, anywhere as you need


Helping you to feel and be empowered to proactively manage your optimal Mind-Body balance and performance every day.

Be at your best in all endeavours of your life.


Transformational Breath ®

Deep, therapeutic transformational breathwork

You will

• benefit from a unique connected breathwork practice

• discover and start to dismantle your restricting breathing patterns

• release emotional and mental blockages, whether conscious or unconscious

• gain a deeper awareness of yourself


Helping you to release unhelpful patterns of thinking, emotions and behaviours built up and reinforced throughout your life.

A profound deep dive to move forward with confidence.