One To One Breathing

We serve you based on what you need, not what we know

Our expertise at your service

Melike’s medical background as a Certified Nurse, combined with her extensive training in Breathwork and Mindfulness – with world renowned masters, institutions and medical doctors – was instrumental in creating a rich offering to serve you.

Choice is yours

We developed two unique conscious breathing methods for you –

Breathzone Signature Breathwork ® and Transformational Breath ®, catering to your unique needs and objectives.

Transformational Conscious Breathing ® is our Signature Breathwork ®. It is one of a kind, combining our vast repertoire of

Breathwork practices with practical Mindfulness tools. It is ideal if you want to be at your best in all endeavours of your life.

Transformational Breath ® is a unique deep, therapeutic breathwork practice.

Ideal if you want release emotional and mental blockages for step-change and growth.

Our Breathwork Solutions


Breathzone Signature Breathwork ®

Perfect synergy of Conscious Breathing and Mindfulness

You will

• cultivate the anatomically correct breathing pattern. Ideal starting point for your journey!

• learn a range of breathwork practices custimised for you

• combine these with select mindfulness tools

• gain vast tool-kit that you can use anytime, anywhere as you need


Helping you to feel and be empowered to proactively manage your optimal Mind-Body balance and performance every day.

Be at your best in all endeavours of your life.


Transformational Breath ®

Deep, therapeutic transformational breathwork

You will

• benefit from a unique connected breathwork practice

• discover and start to dismantle your restricting breathing patterns

• release emotional and mental blockages, whether conscious or unconscious

• gain a deeper awareness of yourself


Helping you to release unhelpful patterns of thinking, emotions and behaviours built up and reinforced throughout your life.

A profound deep dive to move forward with confidence.