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My name is Melike. I am the founder of BREATHZONE.

I am a Certified Mindfulness Teacher and Breathwork Coach. I am also a Qualified Nurse, with years of medical training and experience of working in a busy city hospital. 

BreathZone is a holistic health company, offering Breathwork and Mindfulness based services and solutions to private individuals, institutions and corporations for health, wellbeing and (physical and cognitive) performance improvement.

I uniquely combine my deep knowledge of human anatomy and physiology with my expertise in Breathwork and Mindfulness, delivering science-backed and bespoke solutions. 

I discovered Breathwork and Mindfulness 8 years ago, at the height of my career in finance, when a stress-induced burnout left me temporarily paralysed, igniting my curiosity to find natural and powerful tools to take charge of my experiences of chronic stress, major depression, insomnia and severe anxiety.

Astounded by the complete transformation in my body and mind within a short space of time, I was inspired to train in these natural modalities and share them with others.

In both fields, I have trained with medical doctors including Dr Richard Gerbarg and Dr Patricia Gerbarg; world-renowned masters including Dan Brule, Patrick McKeown, Judith Kravitz, and institutions such as Transformational Breath Foundation and Breathworks.

Widely featured in broadsheets and publications, I am proud to bring you my 16 years of training and experience across the full spectrum of Breathwork and Mindfulness technique and practices.

My goal is to empower you with the right tools, to help you achieve your goals, and lead healthier, happier and successful lives.You are in safe hands! 

About Melike Hussein

My work, customised to you

I work with individuals, groups and businesses, who wish to offer comprehensive wellness programmes addressing all aspects of their team’s health and performance.

Let's chat and discover how BreathZone can help you, your organisation and team.