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Nice to meet you!

My name is Melike. I am the founder of BREATHZONE.

I am an Author, Certified Mindfulness Teacher, Certified Breath Coach and Workshop Leader, and Neuroscience-based Coach. I also have a strong medical background as a qualified Nurse, further enriching my work with keen understanding of anatomy and medical science.

Over 15 years, I enjoyed a very successful career in Finance, rising to Finance Director roles in international technology companies and start-ups, from a Trainee Chartered Accountant in a big four professional services firm.

About Melike Hussein

My personal story – shifting my expertise from finance to holistic health

It all started with a devastating burn-out I experienced some years ago. Whilst I have had a fair share of stress and experienced stress related, burn-out came out of nowhere.

Through this experience, I noticed that absence of a practical tool-kit was the main reason of the chronic stress I had been experiencing for many years, which manifested itself through various physical ailments and mental health challenges. A tool-kit that I can use in seconds to calm my nerves, and discreetly and with ease anytime and anywhere.

Burn-out started my interest in finding such a tool-kit that I can use at work and in my personal life.

When I tried a breathing class, everything changed. The intense mind-body connection I felt, clarity of my mind in the midst of an energy explosion were astonishing. I also discovered and started to practice Mindfulness.

Within a short period of dedicated Breathwork and Mindfulness practice, all physical ailments of stress that I have been living with for years such as insomnia, panic attacks, chest pains faded away. My cognitive abilities noticeably improved – I was less distracted, able to focus at a task at end for prolonged periods of time and discovered a creative side to myself.

This fundamental shift I experienced inspired me to train in these two modalities and share them with others.

My expertise – perfect balance of Medicine, Neuroscience, Breathing and Mindfulness

In Breathing, I trained with Founder of Transformational Breath ®, Judith Kravitz, one of the worlds foremast authority in Breathing practices, Dan Brule, as well as Medical Doctors with distinguished research in the field, Dr Richard Gerbarg and Dr Patricia Gerbarg.

In Mindfulness, I trained with Breathworks, the foremast teacher training organisation in the UK.

My medical background and keen understanding anatomy, physiology and neuroscience enrich all aspect of my work.

My passion

I am inspired to empower others to take charge of their own mental health and well-being, with extensive tool-kit of practical Breathing and Mindfulness techniques that they can use anytime and anywhere.

Science based tool-kit I teach not only delivers on-demand results within minutes such as restoring calm and falling asleep but also support building new positive habits with long-term benefits.

My work, customised to you

I work with individuals, groups and businesses, who wish to offer comprehensive wellness programmes addressing all aspects of their team’s health and performance.

Let’s chat and discover how Breathzone can help you, your organisation and team.