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Breathing For Business

From work environment to boardroom, where real-time results count

Proven by extensive scientific research and tested by elite performers such as the US Navy Seals, Breathwork is now being used by companies across the globe to enhance emotional and mental wellbeing and cognitive performance, and therefore performance, of their people.

We breathe on average 20,000 times a day, yet most of us are unaware of its incredible natural power to transform how we feel, think and act.

Your breath is the control key to all autonomic functions and systems in our body and mind, with a unique ability to dictate the state you are in. Once you have learnt how to breathe consciously, with awareness and purpose, you can change your emotional, mental, cognitive and physical state within minutes.

Breathwork, also known as Conscious Breathing, is not only the most powerful bio hack, but also the foundation of self-awareness and mind-body connection that practices such as yoga, mindfulness, meditation built-upon.

Our bespoke Corporate Breathing classes and events are invaluable additions to your employee wellbeing plans and initiatives.

The corporate breathing classes and events

Our work is designed to empower your team with our extensive Conscious Breathing (Breathwork) tool-kit, delivering on-demand results anytime and anywhere, including:

· Manage and reduce stress

· Soothe nerves and tame anxiety in spotlight moments such as public speaking and delivering presentations

· Raise natural energy – no need for coffee or energy drink

· Create clarity of mind with enhanced focus

· Create space for responding – stepping away from reactivity

· Tap into empathy and ability to listen

· Tap into intuition and creativity

· Deep relaxation to aid restful sleep

· Combat burnout

In person Corporate Breathwork classes and events in London or Online across the globe to invest in the health, wellbeing, performance and success of your team and your business.

Our corporate breathing programs uniquely combine scientifically proven breathwork tools with neuroscience, visualisation, gentle movement and meditation, delivering interactive, fun, informative and powerful sessions.

Empower your team with our practical Breathwork toolkit that is not only superbly effective and designed to suit their work environment, but also easy to integrate into their daily lives.

Our Breathing For Business Services
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Taster Session


Our very popular Introduction To Breathwork Taster Session is an ideal first step to introduce art and science of Breathwork to your team. 


Although Breathwork is often touted for its stress relieving benefits, based on the last 30 years of research, we now know that this powerful neuro-hack tool can deliver real-time results in wide-range of areas. 


Evidence-based improvements in cognitive functions such as focus and memory, supporting productivity, calming nerves and anxiety, boosting natural energy and vibrancy of body and mind, stimulating deep relaxation and sleep are some of the benefits that makes easy to learn and practical Breathwork techniques an indispensable part of modern life and workplace. 

Delivery (online and in person)

Vary in length from 45mins - 90mins.

In person Corporate Breathwork Sessions can be delivered in London and, upon request, in additional locations.


What to expect in each session

We describe what Breathworks is all about and we share information about the scientific research that tells us how effective it is.


We teach select practical Breathwork exercises particularly suitable to work environment or scenarios that that participants can practice and experience straight away.

FREE - Our post-session support to your team

Self-practice is an important part of learning and development of new skills.


Therefore, in each session we offer participants

  • take-away a handbook summarising key learnings and
  • (where applicable) Guided Practice Audio recording of key Breathwork exercises covered in the session



Our workshops aim to provide your employees with the practical Breathwork tools ideally suited to be used in workplace and effortlessly integrated into their daily lives. 


Each workshop includes a carefully selected set of Breathwork tools that are designed to help your team to manage their health and wellbeing more effectively, as well as to support their productivity.

Delivered either virtually or in-person, each bite-sized event tackle a different subjects in health, wellbeing and cognitive performance.

Our events include guided Breathwork practices and interactive elements to really embed the learning, delivering maximum impact. 

Delivery (online and in person)

Vary in length from 60mins - 90mins.

In person Corporate Breathwork Workshops can be delivered in London and, upon request, in additional locations.

FREE - Our post-workshop support to your team

Self-practice is an important part of learning and development of new skills.


Therefore, in each workshop we offer participants

  • take-away a handbook summarising key learnings and
  • (where applicable) Guided Practice Audio recording of key Breathwork exercises covered in the session

Some of our most popular workshop topics

✅ Stress Management And Reset

While a certain amount of stress can motivate us, experiencing stress too much and often can take its toll on our wellbeing, health and productivity. The key is acquiring know-how and practical toolkit to proactively manage stress and knowing how to reset persistent stress.

This is an essential workshop to help your team combat stress. It is designed to empower participants with a new perspective on stress, through sharing the science of stress-body-mind link. 

Participants will also learn and practice specific Breathwork techniques, which are shown to combat stress, gaining hands-on experience of how to manage their experiences.

These techniques, yielding results in a matter of minutes, are ideally suited to be practiced in workplace, as well as in all aspects of daily life.

✅ Manage and Alleviate Anxiety

Anxiety is often mistaken with stress. They share the same symptoms and yet have different causes and therefore require different tools and solutions to tackle them.


This workshop is an invaluable first step to help participants understand anxiety, how to differentiate it from stress and understand why our current coping strategies may not be necessarily working us.

Participants will also learn and experience practical Breathwork techniques, backed by science for their real-time effectiveness, in tackling and alleviating Anxiety.

✅ Building Resilience

Resilience is the secret to managing, overcoming and thriving through change and difficult scenarios. This core skill that can be learned and cultivated with carefully selected tools and techniques. 

This workshop is a very popular choice - whether your businesses is going through growth and change or you simply aim to empower your team so that they can navigate the complexities and uncertainties they experience in their lives and in workplace, whatever they may be. 

Attendees will learn and experience how to build mental and emotional resilience with science-backed practical Breathwork techniques with real-time results, helping them to flourish through change and adversity.

✅ Combat Mental Fatigue

Mental fatigue is an important factor in loss of motivation, concentration and productivity. 

This workshop is designed to equip participants with science of mental fatigue with evidence-based stress-body-mind link, helping them understand their experiences in a new perspective. 

Participants will also learn, practice and gain hands-on experience of selected Breathwork techniques, designed to manage stress and proactively tackle mental fatigue early on.

✅ Understand and Prevent Burnout

Burnout is an a growing and real concern, impacting employee health and wellbeing, impairing their career success and longevity, as well as causing the loss of highly trained and skilled employees for the businesses. 

This workshop is designed to better understand burnout and to share a set of science-backed Breathwork to help mitigate stress and prevent burnout. 

Participants will learn how to recognise early signs of Burnout, as well as practicing fast-acting Breathwork tools and exercises, gaining first-hand experience of how to proactively address those signs very early on.

✅ Train Attention To Boost Performance

Our ability to direct and maintain attention, avoid distractions and balance/calm the Autonomic Nervous System on-demand (in real-time and whenever needed) are vital skills paramount to our performance, whether it is activities in daily life or in work. 

This workshop is uniquely designed to teach the science of attention, as well as help participants  understand that it is not just our connected devices but biological elements also play a role in how well we can focus. 

Participants will learn and practice science-backed practical Breathwork and Mindfulness-based techniques as well as practical tips for modern workplace, which are ideal first steps to utilise their cognitive resources for best effect.

✅ Sleep Well

Having a good sleep is a must-have to feel good, maintain a healthy body and mind, work productively and having a positive interaction with colleagues and people around us. 

Yet, sleep related issues are frequently experienced by a very large proportion of modern work-force, affecting every aspect of their health, wellbeing and performance. 

Ability to relax deeply, which requires activation of the body’s natural ‘resting’ mode, is the corner stones of sleeping well.

This workshop is an essential resource to equip your teams with understanding the science of sleep, and learn and practice specific Breathwork techniques shown to help induce and maintain a restful sleep during the night.

✅ Learning To Switch Off

Inability to switch of the body and mind, even when we maintain a good work-life balance and moderate our use of technology, is a real and ever growing problem with evidence-based implications for chronic stress, sense of overwhelm, sleep problems and even loss of productivity.

This workshop is designed to teach the biological drivers of what makes it harder to switch off – perhaps from our day, an adversity we may have faced, busy mind or a recurring thought that simply not go away. 

Participants will also learn and experience evidence-backed Breathwork exercises, as well as practical tried and tested tips to switch off and reclaim their time, focus, cognitive and emotional resources, supporting their health, wellbeing and productivity.

✅ Boost Immune System Health

Did you know that how we breathe directly impacts the strength of our lymphatic and immune systems.

In this unique workshop, participants will learn the science of breath-immune system link, as well as gaining hands-on experience of how to breathe well, supporting body’s natural protection system. 

These practical and powerful breathwork techniques are the easiest and naturally effective way to look after our health, throughout the day and every day.

✅ Manage and Boost Energy

Having an abundance of energy or lack of it directly affects our health, how we feel and how much we get out our day. 

With the demands of modern life, we’re often left feeling fatigued and sluggish, making it difficult to be and perform at our best.

While it is a common knowledge that our diet, activity levels and how we sleep will have an impact on our energy levels, two other crucial factors are often overlooked – how we breathe and our mental state.

This workshop is designed to offer evidence-based practical information about Breath and Breathwork as an essential tool optimal oxygen delivery to our cells for energy generation.

Participants will also learn and experience practical Breathwork tools to help boost their natural energy, as well as regulating their inner state to converse precious mental and physical resources

✅ Menopause Health And Wellbeing

Menopausal transition, with physical and emotional challenges posed by common menopause symptoms, are emerging as an important workplace issue.

This unique workshop is developed to introduce science-backed, practical Breathwork and Meditation tools that are shown to significantly reduce some of the common menopause symptoms including hot flushes, sleep disturbances and fatigue. 

These easy to learn techniques offer completely natural, safe and effective methods to help tackle these symptoms, empowering participants to support their health, wellbeing and overall quality of life. 




Our training events are a popular choice, offering your team with a deeper understanding of Breathwork, as well as a rich set of tools and techniques ideally suited to workplace.


Trainings are our key offering, designed to take your team to fluency and self-sufficiency in integrating Breathwork tools and techniques into their everyday life. 


Delivery (online and in person)

Vary in length from 2 weeks to 8 weeks.

One session per week (60mins – 90mins in duration).

In person Corporate Breathwork Courses can be delivered in London and, upon request, in additional locations.


FREE - Our ongoing support to your team

Self-practice is an important part of learning and development of new skills.


Therefore, in each weekly session, we offer participants

  • take-away a handbook summarising key learnings and
  • where applicable, Guided Practice Audio recording of key Breathwork exercises covered.


Some of our most popular Breathwork Training topics

+ Manage and Reset Stress and Anxiety

+ Building Resilience

+ Train Attention and Focus For Performance

+ Sleep Well 


Regular Breathwork Classes


Regular corporate breathing classes are popular choice.


Prepared and presented exclusively for your organisation, themed practice-focused Corporate Breathwork Sessions can be delivered at a timetable of your choice. 


Delivered by a highly qualified and experienced Corporate Breathwork Consultant and Teacher, Breathwork classes can be a one-off, fixed-term or ongoing, and delivered online and in-person. 


What to expect in each class

We teach a breathwork technique/s, specifically selected to address the topic of interest, which can be anything from stress reduction to menopause health.


Following a short introduction of the theme, including the science behind the selected practice, participants will enjoy a guided Breathwork session led by our Corporate Breathwork Consultant and Teacher, gaining hands-on real-time experience of the benefit of the technique.

Delivery (online and in person)

Each class can vary between 30mins – 45mins.

Classes can vary from weekly, bi-weekly to monthly. 

In person Corporate Breathwork Classes can be delivered in London.


Some of our most popular Breathwork Class topics

+ Managing Stress

+ Managing High Pressure Situations

+ Focusing the Attention

+ Dealing with Panic

+ Managing Overwhelm

+ Turn Nerves to Calm in Real-Time

+ Deep Relaxation

+ Settling the Mind

+ Grounding and Being Present 

+ Switch-Off to Speed-Up

+ Build Your Health in Menopause 

+ Wind-Down and Re-Balance 

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Empower your team to health, well-being and performance.

What our clients say

Truly Peaceful and Restorative

“Melike’s workshops allowed us to carve a few hours out of our hectic lives and truly create a peaceful and restorative sanctuary, where we learned the art and science of breathing in their best.

Her ability to explain, describe and draw on personal experiences enabled us to apply the techniques to our own individual circumstances and each to benefit in a unique way.Teaching such a disparate group of individuals, with widely varying degrees of experience was a challenge Melike successfully rose to and we left the workshop feeling peaceful, focused and more in control of our lives”


Award Winning Wealth and Asset Management Company

Unique Learning Experiences with Amazing Practical Tools

“We worked with Melike in number of workshops for our current and potential clients. She is extremely diligent in her approach. Her unique way of explaining key and sometimes complex concepts is always very skilful and effective.

She is also extremely confident in her delivery and establishes great engagement from and within the group.

Melike is so engaging with her energy and calming presence.

She has delivered unique learning experiences for us. We learned, practiced and experienced amazing practical tools that we use at work, on the go and at home. I would highly recommend Melike’s services to individuals and organisations and look forward to organising further events soon.”

Divorce and Wellbeing

Financial, Legal and Wellbeing Consultancy

Felt empowered with variety of tools wonderful and insights applicable to everyday

“We ran a workshop with Melike this year. Melike is very positive, fun, interactive and professional in her approach. She skilfully weaved scientific facts about breathing into her programme and gave enough space for everyone to experience each exercise based on their own needs.

Most importantly, we left the workshop with the feeling of empowerment of being equipped with variety of tools wonderful and insights which we can all use in our everyday lives.

After the workshop, receiving detailed follow-up information was a bonus and enhanced our learnings. I can deeply recommend Melike and her workshops.”


Social interest enterprise

Melike has an incredible calming presence and is a great listener

“I was extremely nervous coming to session but she made me feel completely at ease.

I work in finance under intense pressure every day. I wanted to try breathwork because at few occasions I noticed that I was holding my breath. I find myself increasingly unable to switch off and to deal with work pressures, carrying it to my personal life. Even after my first session with Melike, I started to notice my breath and learned to use it to deal with stress. I feel stronger and in control every day.

My performance visibly improved because I am no longer a victim of stress whatever happens. I am a much happier person at work and at home.I recommend Melike to everyone wholeheartedly.”


Partner in a financial institution