Transformational Breath ®

Your pathway for step-change and growth

Truly transformational

Profound experience of Transformational Breath ® will help you go beyond your comfort zone – usual patterns of thinking, feeling and behaviours that have been built up over your life-time.

Helping you to discover these patterns, mostly unconscious and some perhaps conscious, and safely releasing what is unhelpful or even self-sabotaging.

Our sessions will help you feel more connected to your inner resources, inspired and lighter.

Transformational Breath

What to Expect

Your initial Transformational Breath ® session with Melike will start with your Breath Analysis. By carefully observing and analysing your existing breathing pattern, Melike will calibrate this particular method to suit your needs and objectives. Our work always starts with you.

In a typical Transformational Breath ® session, you will receive:

· Coaching consultation:

An integral part of personalising each session to your needs and objectives

· Breathing Analysis:

A method unique to Breathzone. Melike will observe your existing breathing pattern – depth, pace, rate and muscle activation.

She will share her observations of the limiting elements of your breathing as well as associated emotional and mental blockages.

· Full Breathing session:

Lasting between 40 – 55 minutes depending on the session time. Melike will teach you Transformational Breath ® practice and

take you through the full breathing session.

· Daily self-practice recommendations:

Your daily self-practice is essential in gaining full benefits from our sessions. Melike will take you through your recommended

Transformational Breath ® self-practice, supporting your progress towards your objectives in between sessions.

You will also benefit from

· Post-session care and resources:

Supporting your self-practice and growth between the sessions is integral to our work. Following each session, you will receive a personal email from Melike with your personalized

  • Transformational Breath ® self-practice information and
  • Practice audio files supporting your daily self-practice, as applicable.

Melike will continue to support you every step of the way.

Transformational Breath ® Booking

Experience each session from the comfort of your home

Sessions are available online or in-person.

All you need is a quiet environment, a mat and a pillow (to lie down and relax) and willingness to experience your breathing in a way that perhaps you have not done before.

Let’s breathe together!

For advance booking and concessions, please contact Melike.

Book your session

• 100 mins | Initial session | £170

• 80 mins | Standard session | £145

If this is your first Transformational Breath ® one to one appointment with Melike, please book 90mins Initial Session.

Our experience has shown that a majority of clients achieve optimal results after 6-10 sessions, along with practicing what they have learned by themselves on a regular basis.

Discount is applicable for advance booking of 10-session and other packages. Concessions are also available.

Therapeutic Use

Emotional and Mental Benefits

Stress | Anxiety | Panic Attacks | Resilience & Adaptability | Mood Balance and Regulation | Insomnia | Trauma Release | Self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviours | Awareness & Connection to Self

Physical Benefits

Respiratory Ailments | Support major functions and systems of body including Cardiovascular, Immune, Digestion and Fertility | Chronic Fatigue / ME | Pain Control and Management | Anaerobic Diseases

What our clients say

Highly recommended

“I highly recommend Melike as a breath coach. She coached me for 6 weeks and during that time she showed excellent listening skills and was also very compassionate.

I felt safe to open up to her. She guided me through my breathing session gently, her tone of voice is soft and reassuring. With every session, I felt the energy running through my body. Her support during that time was invaluable.”


Full-time mother

Discovered impact of breath on my body and emotions

“Perfect. I found a new side to myself. I also managed to focus on my breath for the first time, which hopefully will help me finally embrace meditation. I never thought the way you breathe can have such an immediate on your body and emotions. Amazing!”


Business owner

I feel inspired

“Melike was very supportive and caring in her teaching and facilitation. I realised how much tension was stored in my body. I feel inspired. This is a gift to yourself. Breathe is life. Give life back to yourself.”


Civil servant

Excellent discovery

“Just Excellent!! I learnt that my breathing is shallow and I hold my breath. I will start practicing Transformational Breath!”


Medical doctor