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Conscious Breathing

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Breathwork is widely known as the diverse range of breathing techniques, where we consciously control our existing breathing pattern (changing its rate, pace, rhythm), which is shown to hack into  the autonomic nervous system, directly affecting our emotional, mental and physical state. 

I liken Breathwork to a Swiss army knife that you can pull out at any time and find the right technique for whatever your motivation for practicing. From instant calm, energy boost, focus the mind, sleep well to deep transformation, there are breath practices that can help.

However, decades of scientific and medical research have also shown that benefits and impact of Breathwork are wide-reaching and fundamental to our health, wellbeing, performance and deep personal growth. 

I summarise benefits of practicing Breathwork through a simple A, B, C and D:

Awareness of the breath

Breathing well (anatomically correctly)

Conscious control and regulation of the Autonomic Nervous System and

Deep transformation

In BreathZone, we offer a comprehensive approach to Breathwork and deliver (online and in-person) solutions addressing each of these areas as needed.

A Closer Look At Breathwork

Awareness of the breath 

Breath awareness – being able to notice, observe and feel the breath – is the first step in our ability to control it through breathing techniques. It is also a highly meditative practice and one of the fundamental mindfulness techniques. 

Breathing well 

While our breathing is never static – always responding to our internal state and supporting us in our endeavours – there is an anatomically correct way of breathing, which is through the Diaphragm. This is one of the cornerstones of the healthy functioning of all our major systems such as cardiovascular, immune and digestive, as well as good posture and core stability and sleeping well. 

Yet, anecdotal evidence suggests that 9 out of 10 of us have limiting or dysfunctional breathing habits, which impairs optimal function of our body and mind. 

In your Breathwork journey, understanding and dismantling these habits, and cultivating the correct breathing patterns is essential.

Conscious control and regulation of the Autonomic Nervous System

Perhaps you have been feeling anxious, your mind distracted with swirling thoughts, fatigued, waking up tired without a restful sleep and noticing fluctuations in your mood and emotions.

You may feel like this is your “normal” state or “expected” by-product of your hectic life. However, these are often the indicators of over stimulated sympathetic nervous system, driving stress (‘fight or flight) response in our body. While stress is normal and healthy short-term response, when triggered constantly for prolonged periods of time, it has significant repercussions for all systems and functions of your body and mind. 

Breathing techniques are shown to be the fastest, effective and fast acting tools in restoring balance to the Autonomic Nervous System by 

· down-regulating over stimulated sympathetic nervous system reducing stress (‘fight or flight) and

· activating parasympathetic nervous system, stimulating the natural rest and recovery state of the body (‘rest and digest’).

This balancing impact of the breathwork, on both sides of our nervous system, is paramount for the body to repair itself from the wear and tear caused by stress as well as enabling optimal cognitive performance.

Deep transformation

Certain specialist breathwork techniques are shown to be conduit in allowing us to open up to deeper experiences such as accessing subconscious, connecting to ourselves at a deep level, release trauma and unhelpful emotional and habit patterns, and more. 

Breathwork by BreathZone

Each of us have a unique breathing pattern, background, needs and objectives. Therefore, we all need a bespoke Breathwork solution that is tailored to us. 

In BreathZone, I developed two key breathwork methods, combining my medical training as a Qualified Nurse and extensive Breathwork training and experience across a large variety of breathing techniques such as functional, (physical and cognitive) performance focused, somatic, transformational, regulation of nervous system, wim hof based breathwork and stress training and alignment of breath-body and mind.

I serve you based on what you need and am proud to deliver the best and most extensive breathwork tool-kit for my clients, for long-lasting change.

Each session is primarily delivered online (via Zoom). In-person sessions are also available.

Our Bespoke Breathwork Solutions For You


Breathzone Signature Breathwork ®

Mind-Body Balance & Performance

Our unique method, tapping into the synergy of Conscious Breathing and Mindfulness

Transformational Conscious Breathing® is our Signature Breathwork.

Benefiting from the vast repertoire of Breathing techniques and Mindfulness practices, you will earn to breathe correctly and achieve a blissful state of clarity, focus, peace and energy that you may have never experienced before.

You will gain an extensive array of conscious breathing tool-kit that you can use anytime and anywhere as needed.

Helping you to radically improve your health, well-being and performance in all endeavours of your life.


Transformational Breath ®

Transformational Deep Dive

Our deep and powerful therapeutic method

Benefiting from a specialist full connected diaphragmatic breathing technique, this profound experience will help you go beyond your limiting comfort zone, whether conscious or unconscious.

You will discover and start to dismantle your restricting breathing patterns with associated emotional and mental blockages.

Helping you to release unhelpful patterns of thinking, emotions and behaviours built up and reinforced throughout your life. A profound deep dive to move forward with confidence.

The link between breathing, physiology and emotional state

Your state of being and breathing are closely connected. You may have noticed that your breath becomes short and shallow when you are anxious or afraid and it becomes deep when you are happy.

Breathing is the only autonomic function in your body that you can also fully control. Research has crucially shown that the way you breathe not only directly affects every system and function in your body but also has power to influence the thoughts and emotions in your mind. If your breathing pattern changes, whether consciously or unconsciously, then how your body and mind works change accordingly.

This means that you can change your breathing at will to achieve your desired state of being. For example, consciously slowing down and deepening your breath will help you feel calmer. Whereas, faster and deeper breathing will help you to feel naturally energised. Understanding your breathing pattern and learning to control it purposefully is an essential skill if you want to become a healthy, happy, high-performing individual and enhance every aspect of your life.