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Breathzone Mindfulness deliver practical tools for everyday life

Mindfulness is about being more aware of yourself, others and the world around you, in each moment. Breathzone Mindfulness, through its practical approach, will help you discover a natural state of mind in which you are present, aware and focused throughout the day, every day.

So, what does being mindful mean in your busy life?

By being mindful, you become less caught up in worrying and ruminating about the past or future, more present in your life in every moment, are better able to manage your thoughts and to respond to the situation you are dealing with rather than react with impulse, and can optimise your cognitive abilities by reducing distractions and directing your focus.

Mindfulness is the key to sustainable long-term change

Science of change

Mindfulness is a scientifically proven form of training your brain. Practicing mindfulness literally changes the structure of the brain – dismantling default (unconscious) patterns of thinking, feeling and action. This is critically important because our brains were designed to survive – not to be happy. A great deal of stress, which adversely affects all aspects of our well-being, is caused by the fact that our brains are trying to use stone-age techniques in the modern world. This is where Mindfulness comes in!

Happiness and ability to restore calm balance are skills that you can learn! This is what the ancient practice of mindfulness teaches, and what modern psychology research has shown. And just like driving or dancing, how to be happy and calm can be learned, and it can stay with you for a lifetime.

Benefits of Mindfulness

Numerous research has shown that people who practice mindfulness have higher levels of emotional intelligence, improved relationships, and reduced levels of stress. They have more sustained attention, increased creativity, greater emotional regulation and an increased ability to adopt different perspectives.

Studies have also shown that mindfulness training increases working memory capacity. That's essential for helping you make good decisions. It helps you to respond rather than react less.

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Breathzone Mindfulness Courses incorporate extensive Breathwork practices

Our Mindfulness courses are the first of their kind, incorporating our Breath expertise.

You will benefit from learning extensive array of Breathwork practices, carefully incorporated in our unique brand of Mindfulness – practical tools for every day.

Mindfulness and Breathwork are two sides of the same coin, as the naturally powerful practices essential to health and well-being, and more potent when learned and used together.

In our Mindfulness courses, you will not only learn practical Mindfulness tools, helping you to create a new mind-set for long-term change, but also empowered with our expert Breathwork tools, helping you to gain immediate control of your state of being.

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What our clients say

Given me the tools to take control back from Autopilot

"A large part of my life has been functioning on autopilot in addition to having difficulties managing my own emotions, often reacting as opposed to responding.

The course has given me the tools to take back control and be consciously present in my daily tasks. I feel more alert and in tune with my own body and am able to draw on the tools throughout the day without needing a special place in which to practice mindfulness meditation."


Course participant

Life changing

"Amazing teacher! I really enjoyed having Melike as my mindfulness teacher. Learned so much from her. I have already so highly recommended her to everyone I know. It is an amazing course that changes your life"


Course Participant

My self-awareness increased

"Now I understand my thought process better, understand why I get anxious and know how to deal with it."


Course Participant

Gained a new perspective

“I achieved a long lasting and positive change in my perspective.

Melike was an excellent teacher. She is very clear, kind and knowledgeable, delivering an excellent course"


Course Participant