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Practical, jargon-free tools for modern business and real life
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Mindfulness for business training is essential for employees to find new ways of being and working that unlock and develop capabilities they have

Underpinned by extensive research and robust scientific principles, Mindfulness is a premier Attention training and Wellbeing discipline.

Mindfulness is well regarded and implemented by organisations, who understand the importance of optimal and improved mental health, sharpened cognitive abilities and positive interpersonal relationships – not only for employee wellbeing and performance, but also for the success of the business. 

Whether your employees are new to Mindfulness or already have a good appreciation of the vast toolkit it offers, our services can be adapted to suit your business. 

Mindfulness programs for business

For your teams, learning from and practicing mindfulness with us help improve mental health, create choice and transform how they live, work and interact with the world – from

  • Stress to Calm
  • Anxious to Resilient
  • Distracted to Focused
  • Overwhelm to Clarity of Mind
  • Reacting to Responding
  • Hearing to Listening
  • Separation to Empathy
  • Disagreement or Blame to Resolution

Offering a wide range of events, ranging from Taster Session and Workshops focusing on different topics, Courses and Regular Meditation Sessions, we can design and deliver solutions tailored to you and your team.

Our Mindfulness For Business Training Services


Mindfulness Taster Session


Our very popular Introduction To Mindfulness Taster Session is an ideal first step to introduce the science of Mindfulness and it’s wide-range of benefits and practical application to workplace to your team. 


Although Mindfulness is often touted for its stress relieving benefits, based on the last 40 years of research, we now know it can offer much more, including improvements in cognitive functions such as focus and memory, support to productivity, communication, inter-personal relationships and mental health. 

Delivery (online and in-person)

Vary in length from 45mins – 90mins


What to expect in each session

We describe what Mindfulness is and we share information about the scientific research that tells us how effective it is.


Participants will also learn and practice selected Mindfulness and Meditation-based practices guided by Melike, gaining hands-on experience, as well as understanding how to integrate these into their daily life and work environment.  

FREE – Our post-session support to your team

Self-practice is an important part of learning and development of new skills.


Therefore, in each session we offer participants

  • take-away a handbook summarising key learnings and
  • (where applicable) Guided Practice Audio recording of key Meditation practice/s covered in the session




Our Corporate Mindfulness Workshops are an effective way of learning about the benefits of Mindfulness at work, in daily life, as well as experience and therefore, acquire some of its practical tools.

Our workshops, delivered by a highly qualified and experienced Corporate Mindfulness Consultant and Teacher, are informative, interactive and experiential.  

Each workshop includes a carefully selected set of Mindfulness and Meditation-based tools that are designed to help your team to manage their health and wellbeing more effectively, as well as to support their productivity.

Each bite-sized event tackle a different subjects in health, wellbeing and cognitive performance.

Our events include guided Meditation practices and interactive elements to really embed the learning, delivering maximum impact. 


Delivery (online and in-person)

Vary in length from 60mins – 90mins

FREE – Our post-workshop support to your team

Self-practice is an important part of learning and development of new skills.


Therefore, in each workshop we offer participants

  • take-away a handbook summarising key learnings and
  • (where applicable) Guided Practice Audio recording of key Meditation practice/s covered in the session

Some of our most popular workshop topics

Mindfulness: Essentials Beyond The Basics

This workshop is designed to deepen our understanding of Mindfulness and how we can bring its core elements practically into our work environment and everyday lives.  

Participants will learn and understand biological drivers of their thoughts, emotions and actions, as well as how to respond with calm and clarity rather than react. 

Participants will also learn and practice selected Mindfulness and Meditation-based practices guided by Melike, gaining hands-on experience of being present and finding all-essential mindful moment throughout the day to help support their mental health, emotional regulation, memory, attention and focus.

Stress Management

While a certain amount of stress can motivate us, experiencing stress too much and often can take its toll on our wellbeing, health and productivity. The key is positively managing stress with effective tools.

This session is designed to empower participants with a new perspective on stress and its effect on our body, mind and cognition – drawing on the latest Neuroscience and Medical research.

Participants will also learn and experience a vital Mindfulness and Meditation-based practice and techniques, which are core to effective stress management in the workplace and different aspects of daily life. 

Manage Anxiety

While Anxiety is a normal, biologically-driven human experience, this workshop aims to teach how we can ensure that rumination and anxious thoughts no longer dominates our daily life, consuming our mental and cognitive resources.

This workshop is an invaluable first step to help participants understand anxiety,, biological drivers of rumination, and understand why our current coping strategies may not be necessarily working us.

Participants will also learn and experience vital Mindfulness and Meditation-based practices to help manage their experience of anxiety.

Building Resilience

Resilience is the secret to managing, overcoming and thriving through change and difficult scenarios. This core skill that can be learned and cultivated with carefully selected tools and techniques. 

This Mindfulness workshop is a very popular choice – whether your businesses is going through growth and change or you simply aim to empower your team so that they can navigate the complexities and uncertainties they experience in their lives and in workplace, whatever they may be. 

Attendees will learn how to build mental resilience, vital Mindfulness and Meditation-based practices, helping them to take on and thrive in any adversity.

Building Emotional Awareness

Experiencing emotions is a natural and integral part of being human. Whether we consider them as positive or negative, each emotion has an evolutionary significance and serves a specific purpose. 

While we often resist the ones we find challenging – bottling them up, trying to ignore or pushing them away – research tells us that if we don’t process them, it can has impact on our mental health and on our relationship with people around us. 

This workshop is designed to introduce what is emotional awareness and why is it so important. 

Participants will learn and experience tools to build self-awareness and successfully manage variety of emotions they may experience. 

Building Strong Teams

When a team that can communicate effectively, able to see differences as assets and unite around a common goal/s, it becomes much more easier to deliver great results. 

This workshops is designed to teach the crucial role mindful working and living can play in supporting self and social awareness and in building invaluable communication and relationship skills.

Participants will learn and experience practical Mindfulness exercises and meditation tools, gaining first-hand experience of implementing these into their team and work environment. 




Our effective and proven online and in-person mindfulness training courses are a popular choice, offering your team with a deeper understanding of Mindfulness, as well as a rich set of Meditation tools and techniques ideally suited to workplace.


Delivered by a highly qualified and experienced Corporate Mindfulness Consultant and Teacher, our trainings are designed to take your team from novice to fluency in integrating practical Mindfulness exercises and Meditation practices into their everyday life. 


We recommend that participants undertake around 10-minutes of self-practice per day between each session throughout the course – supporting positive new habit building.

Delivery (online and in-person)

Vary in length from 2 weeks to 8 weeks.

One session per week (60mins – 90mins in duration).


FREE – Our ongoing support to your team

Self-practice is an important part of learning and development of new skills. We pride ourselves in providing Mindfulness Programs for Business, supporting participants’ long-term engagement and sustainability of their growth. 


Therefore, in each weekly session, we offer participants

  • take-away a handbook summarising key learnings and
  • (where applicable) Guided Practice Audio recording of key Meditation practice/s covered.


Some of our most popular Mindfulness Training topics

+ Mindfulness For Stress Reduction 

+ Mindfulness For Building Resilience

+ Train Attention and Focus For Performance


Regular Meditation Classes


Prepared and presented exclusively for your organisation, themed 30-minute practice-focused Corporate Mindfulness Sessions can be delivered daily, weekly or at a timetable of your choice. 


Delivered by a highly qualified and experienced Corporate Mindfulness Consultant and Teacher, Meditation classes can be a fixed-term or

ongoing, and delivered online or in-person. 

What to expect in each class

Following a short introduction of the theme, including the science behind the selected practice, participants will enjoy a guided meditation session by our Corporate Mindfulness Consultant and Teacher.

There will be time for participant’s questions and sharing of experiences, as desired.

Delivery (online and in-person)

Each class can vary between 30mins – 45mins.

Classes can vary from weekly, bi-weekly to monthly. 


Some of our most popular Mindfulness Training topics

+ Focusing the Attention

+ Choosing to Respond

+ Developing Calm

+ Progressive Relaxation

+ Settling the Mind

+ Working with Thoughts

+ Managing Negative or Difficult Thoughts

+ Mindful Listening

+ Kindness to Others

+ Improving Self Esteem

+ Kindness to Self

+ Mindfulness of the Senses

+ Happiness and Gratitude

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What our clients say

Transformative, Educational, Inspirational and Enjoyable

“Exceptional!Through our collaboration with Melike since beginning of this year, Melike was passionate about helping her clients to discover and connect to two powerful practices, namely Conscious Breathing and Mindfulness.

The amount of knowledge and experience she can draw from, including her Breathwork expertise and scientific approach made Mindfulness easier to understand for us. She also showed great resourcefulness in sourcing, gave great instructions and examples during the sessions.

Each session was transformative, enjoyable, educational, inspirational and very well received. Looking forward to seeing what is next for us”

BE Consulting

Europe’s leading consultancy for financial services

Absolutely Brilliant

“We recently used Melike’s services to provide two training workshops in our office. Melike was absolutely brilliant, so engaging and passionate about what she teaches. We all learned so much and acquired new tools supporting our wellbeing. We received extremely positive feedback from everyone who took part. Everyone is now asking when we can have more sessions”

Newland Chase

Professional and Legal services for corporations and individuals

Given me the tools to take control back from Autopilot

“A large part of my life has been functioning on autopilot in addition to having difficulties managing my own emotions, often reacting as opposed to responding. The course has given me the tools to take back control and be consciously present in my daily tasks. I feel more alert and in tune with my own body and am able to draw on the tools throughout the day without needing a special place in which to practice mindfulness meditation.”


Mindfulness Course participant

My self-awareness increased

“Now I understand my thought process better, understand why I get anxious and know how to deal with my anxiety.”


Mindfulness Course participant

Gained new habits and effective tools

“Breathzone Mindfulness Course was a lot more than anything I could have imagined. I gained new healthy habits as part of the course. I also gained tools that I can access to mitigate distractions and reduce stress.

Melike is a great teacher! She lived through the journey with us and generously shared her personal experiences. I felt really connected to her.”


Mindfulness Course participant