Breathwork for Peri/Menopause Health and Self Care

 3 February – 24 March
08:00 am – 08:30 am 
FREE | Online
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Join me to learn and experience science-backed and medically safe BREATHWORK techniques, helping you to support your health and manage peri/menopause symptoms you are experiencing.

In this unique 8-Week Course, I will share with you science-backed and medically safe BREATHWORK techniques, helping you to support your health and manage peri/menopause symptoms you are experiencing.

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In our hectic lives and as we experience a variety of peri/menopause symptoms, we often experience stress, anxiety, feel tense and even overwhelmed. We instinctively know that taking a deep breath will help us to calm down. But there is more to breathing than meets the eye.

Breathing is essential to all aspects of our health and wellbeing – from brain-care (20% of our oxygen intake is consumed by our brain to function well) to cleansing our bodies (70% of the waste products generated by our metabolism is expelled through our breath).

Our breath is the key bridge linking mind and body, scientifically proven to be the most important neuro-hacking tool, enabling us to change our emotional, mental and physical state of being in a matter of minutes from

  • Stress to Calm
  • Anxious to Resilient
  • Distracted to Focused
  • Overwhelm to Clarity of Mind
  • Fatigued to Energised
  • Reacting to Responding

In this course, you will learn two main aspects of Breathing

  • How to breathe correctly and efficiently, which is essential to maintain a healthy body and mind, and
  • How to use Breathwork to manage and alleviate the symptoms associated with peri/menopause.


▪️ What to expect from weekly live sessions?

In every session, you will learn and experience new breathwork technique and practices with Melike, helping you take charge different aspects of your health and wellbeing.

At the end of each session, Melike will share with you her recommendations for your daily self-practice (until the next session), allowing you to consolidate your learning and start to see optimum benefits from these breathwork technique and practices.


  • Week 1: Foundations Of Breathing Well

According to research, 1 in 10 people have dysfunctional or incorrect breathing such as hyperventilation, shallow breathing and breath holding.

Dysfunctional breathing can take a tool on the healthy function of our body, impacting all major systems and functions including sleep and cognitive abilities, as well as leading to non-respiratory symptoms such as dizziness and palpitations.

Our anatomy is designed to support a correct and efficient way of breathing, which is essential for healthy functioning of our body and mind.

In Week 1, Melike will share with you the basics of how to breathe well, aligned to our body.

Then she will guide you through a chosen breathwork flow, helping you to discover and enjoy an easy, open and deep breathing for yourself.

  • Week 2: Abdominal Breathing And Warming Up The Diaphragm

Abdominal Breathing (aka Diaphragmatic Breath) is how we breathe as babies – open, deep and easy flow between belly and chest. However, it is an ability to lose as we move to toddler or school age.

Diaphragm is the primary breathing muscle, which is designed to power 80% of our breathing effort. Hidden in our chest cavity, engaging the diaphragm to power our breathing requires range of movements and practices.

In week 2, Melike will introduce you to few of these practices to help you activate your Diaphragm, getting it ready to support an open, deep and easy breathing.

Week 2 will build on the learnings from week 1. If you have not attended Week 1 live session, we encourage you to watch the video of week 1 and practice the exercises shared.

  • Week 3: Managing Hot Flushes

Hot flushes we experience can impact how well and confident we feel in our daily lives as well as our sleeping pattern.

In week 3, Melike will introduce you to a slow, controlled breathing technique, which is shown to reduce hot flushes by up to 50%, if practiced regularly and consistently every day. A significant gain with no side effects.

Join Melike to experience this Breathwork technique and acquire a new tool to proactively manage your experience of hot flushes.

  • Week 4: How To Calm The Mind When Feeling Stressed or Anxious

Perhaps you are feeling irritable, impatient, struggling to switch off from work, slow down or quieten your mind. Or perhaps you are finding uncertainties in daily life and symptoms of peri/menopause mentally and physically taxing and at times struggle to cope.

These seemingly unrelated symptoms are shown to have links to our overactive, ruminative mind.

In Week 4, Melike will introduce you to a new Breathwork technique, particularly designed to calm your busy mind effectively and very quickly. Join us to discover a calmer side to your mind, whatever the day brings your way.

  • Week 5: Moving The Body From Tension To Relaxation

We may not be aware of the tension and tightness we hold in our bodies, often linked to stress and anxiety, until we start to notice it as aches and pain.

In Week 5, Melike will introduce you to a new Breathwork technique, helping you to experience how different it feels in our body when our muscles are tight or relaxed and how good it feels to allow our body relax. In this session, you will also learn how to release and let go as you exhale.

  • Week 6: How To Sleep Well

Do you struggle to fall asleep? Do you wake up at night and unable to go back to sleep again? Do you feel tired in the morning? Do you wish to sleep better waking up refreshed and fully motivated to take on the day.

Most of us assume that sleep happens automatically –  something that your body just do it at night. Unfortunately it is not the case.

Join us in Week 6, as Melike will share the science behind what makes us sleep well as well as sharing a Breathwork practice designed to help you balance your nervous system and calm your busy mind, removing a major obstacle to slumber.

  • Week 7: Improve Your Focus and Clarity Of Mind

Our ability to pay attention and think clearly can be impaired not only by our connected devices but our internal experiences such as stress, anxiety, thoughts, emotions, how well we feel after a disturbed sleep.

In Week 7, Melike will share and guide you through a flow of science-backed breathwork tools, helping you to keep your attention in the present moment and remain focused, regardless of your internal state and external circumstances.

  • Week 8: Turn Minute Long Breathwork Exercises Into Habits

Breathwork exercises, like other endeavours in life, requires repeated and consistent practice to deliver their quickly noticeable benefits such as helping us to calm even when we are in the grip of anxiety or to decrease intensity of a hot flush.

Even though you know and have felt the benefits of breathwork during our sessions, it may be challenging to incorporate it into your daily life as a new habit.

In this final session, Melike will share with you her habit-building tips as well as three minute-long exercises, you can easily bring into your day, helping you to

  • Find grounding and a sense of balance
  • Calm your busy mind
  • Increase your energy without reaching for a coffee



▪️ Do I need anything for 8-week Breathwork course?

You will ideally be in a quiet place where you won't be disturbed during the course of each session.

Using headphones may help you to have a more immersive experience.

You will ideally and have something comfortable to lie down on such as a yoga mat and a pillow, as we will do our practices lying down. However, if you would like to practice in a seated position, please feel free to do so.

You may also keep a blanket handy to keep yourself warm as needed. Please also have a bottle of water.

▪️  Is this Breathwork Course suitable for me?

This course is suitable for participants with no previous breath-work experience and experienced breathers alike.

This course will be at a gentle pace. However, if you are suffering from cardiovascular conditions, epilepsy, major depression, acute psychosis please consult with your doctor before attending.

In some of the sessions, we will include gentle movements as well as contraction and relaxation of muscle groups across our body. During the practice, please listen to your body and go at a pace and depth you feel comfortable.

If you have any questions, please contact Melike, your course leader, at

 ▪️  What can I wear?
I recommend you wear loose, comfortable and warm clothes. Yoga clothes such as leggings or loose long pants (jeans or shorts not advised), t-shirt, tank top and long sleeved tops with number of layers are ideal to ensure that you are comfortable and warm.

It is important to make sure that your body (especially chest, belly areas) are not restricted by tight clothes or belts.