Breathwork to Reduce Stress and Build Resilience Course – 6 weeks Online

21 Sept 2021 – 9 Nov 2021
 19:00 – 21:00 (BST)
 Weekly Zoom LIVE Sessions / Tuesdays
 Charing Cross Library, Central London
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Join us in this ’first course of its kind’ powerful course to develop your own practical tool-kit of Mindfulness, Meditation and Breathwork techniques and practices designed to fit in with your busy lifestyle and career.

This online course was created to help you feel centred with a clear and focused mind, be more in control of your thoughts and emotions, and calmly respond to situations rather than react, in your everyday life and the workplace.

Join our supportive and friendly group setting, from the comfort of your home.

Does any of these resonate with you? Then this course is perfect for you.

  • You struggle to switch off from work, slow down or quieten your my mind.
  • You’ve heard of the beneficial effect of breathing practices on health and wellbeing and want to learn more about it.
  • You’ve tried some breathwork and meditation exercises, which work when you practice in a calm environment, but you can’t seem to apply them in your hectic daily life. You want to learn how to turn theory into practice.
  • You may have a few relaxation methods that you like to use (walking, running, yoga) but need really quick and effective exercises that you can fit into your day, when you have no more than a few minutes to spare.
  • You experience stress, anxiety and have a busy mind that only seems to amplify them. You want to learn how to better manage your experiences.
  • You feel mentally affected by the pandemic has affected your life and your work. You would like to be better equipped to manage uncertainties and change.
  • You feel like you notice negatives and difficulties, more than positives. You want to feel happier and find more joy in your life.
  • You want to learn and get into the habit of practicing Mindfulness and Breathwork with an experienced teacher.


At the end of this 8-week course, you will have a strong foundation in the core skills and tool-kit of Mindfulness, Meditation and Breathwork practices, helping you

  • ground yourself and focus your mind in mere minutes, whenever and whenever needed
  • calm a busy mind
  • effectively manage stress, anxiety and fear throughout the day
  • focus your attention and minimise the effect of distractions
  • bring more of self-compassion and self-care
  • gain awareness of and break ‘trigger-stress/anxiety’ cycle
  • notice and bring more positives and joy
  • establish a sense of mind-body connection and balance
  • be more resilient and flexible to better manage uncertainties and change
  • be confident that whatever daily life throws at you, you can manage and respond accordingly

By the end of the course, you will understand how to apply these points in all aspects of your life, in a way that really makes a difference.




I am a highly experienced Certified Mindfulness Teacher, Certified Conscious Breathing Coach and a Qualified Nurse.

I am proud to be the only practitioner in the UK, with formal training in both Mindfulness and Breathwork, combining my expertise also with my medical background.

I also have a 15 years of career in Finance, which I decided to leave after a devastating burnout, which resulted in a temporary paralysis. I experienced a complete transformation of my health and a vast improvement in my cognitive abilities such as focus and memory, thanks to my newly discovered mindfulness and breathwork practices. It was this that inspired me to train and build expertise in these two natural modalities.

Today I work with individuals, groups and corporations offering one to one sessions, classes, workshops, courses and bespoke training events in both Breathwork and Mindfulness.



Studies have shown that, our long-term mental, emotional and physical health requires us to have two types of tools – for stress management to stop it from becoming chronic and to stimulate body’s natural relaxation response to support healthy function of the nervous system.

However, many people face barriers, stopping them from accessing the right tools and incorporating them into their lives. This results in a wide range of experiences including anxiety, mood swings, panic attacks, brain fog, sleep issues and fatigue.

This course is created for you to remove these barriers by offering practical, easy to use, science-backed and motivational toolkit fit in with your daily life and work, empowering you pick and choose different tools according to your needs and particular circumstances.

This course removes the most common barriers, that may resonate with you too, such as

The challenge is two-fold

  • finding practical tools suitable for modern life and work environment
  • not knowing how to turn theory into practice, especially when we are under pressure
  • losing motivation to stick with something

Post-burnout, when I came across Mindfulness and Breathwork, and discovered their life-changing impact for myself, I was inspired to make them easily accessible to everybody.

This course is the result of this inspiration, years of formal training in both modalities and my extensive field work.





  • Upon registration, you will gain access to 24/7 access to virtual learning platform and library of online course materials
  • Each week starts with 2 hrs of online LIVE classes, covering a different topic
    • Week 1. Learning to Choose: React vs. Respond
    • Week 2. Discover how to be present: Doing vs Being
    • Week 3. Working with our thoughts and connecting to our body
    • Week 4. Working with difficult experiences
    • Week 5. Balancing the Negativity Bias by noticing the pleasures and positive experiences
    • Week 6. Emotional regulation and Kindness to self
    • Week 7. Kindness to others and Building a self-sustaining life
    • Week 8. Strategies to incorporate your new tool-kit into rest of your life
  • In each LIVE class, you will learn and experience new Mindfulness, Meditation and Breathwork exercise and practices, guided by your teacher.
  • Daily self-practice of a minimum of 15 minutes, consolidating the experiential learning in each live class
  • If you miss a LIVE class, you can still continue with your learning with 'short teaching videos' covering key topics
  • In between live classes, access to a highly experienced Mindfulness and Breathwork teacher, who is always on hand to give advice and answer your questions
  • At the end of the course, you will gain access to an exclusive FB community, offering ongoing support and learning




When it comes to stress reduction and relaxation, one modality such as yoga, physical exercise, even meditation or breathwork, does not offer all the answers nor offer a complete toolkit.

We lead complex lives with so many different challenges, requiring us to have a wide range of tools to choose from to meet the stressors arising in different situations and environments.

Mindfulness and Breathwork are the best modalities with huge science-backed merits in their own right. Yet, in some aspects, one will work better when supported by the other. In this course, you will learn and experience the best of both worlds:

  • Breathwork offers ideal stress management and relaxation tools for modern life – practical, easy to use, safe and delivering immediately noticeable results within minutes.

Breathwork is shown to be have a direct effect over the nervous system, enabling us to affect our emotional, mental and physical state of being such as helping you calm your nerves, raise your energy when you feel fatigued or sleep well when your busy mind gets in the way.

While it is highly effective in providing quick stress-relief, Breathwork does not allow us to understand why we feel stressed in the first place.

  • To break the cycle of stress and anxiety being triggered, Mindfulness and Meditation offers the best tool-kit delivering long-term results. 

Mindfulness, which includes Meditation,

- help us to understand the triggers of our stress and anxiety such as ruminative thoughts, emotions, habits

- teaches us how take a step back so that stress response is not initiated in the first place.

  • If you find Mindfulness and Meditation difficult to practice, Breathwork offers an easy first step. 

Mindfulness and Meditation practices are not easy for many, understandably so due to our busy and distracted minds. Breathwork techniques, are naturally meditative and easier to focus on even with an overwhelmed mind.

  • So, when Mindfulness and Breathwork is combined, you have the complete tool-kit – fast acting stress reduction and relaxation results on-demand and building inner strength so that future stressors have less impact on you.



In this course, you will have access to mindfulness, meditation and breathwork practices that you can practice

  • in different lengths, from within 1 minute, 3 minutes to over 20 minutes – and everything in between
  • in different places and environments such as work, at home, commute, even during activities like walking and running
  • without needing any special equipment or set-up

For example, you will learn 20 mins meditation practices suitable for the quiet comfortable surroundings of your home, as well as fast acting 1-min breathwork exercises suitable less private and noisier environments such as office and school run.


I hear this very often – people being worried about their busy mind and whether it would make it difficult to meditate.

Don’t worry. In this course, I will share with you specific breathing techniques to help calm your mind, allowing you effortlessly transition to meditation.

In fact, this synergy between Breathwork and Mindfulness is one of the reasons of why I brought them together in this unique course.


In this course you will have plenty of support from me, your peers and though the carefully designed structure of the course. Let’s have a quick look at each of them.

  • Personal support from me – you and each member of our group has direct access to me throughout the course for your questions, queries or just to sound out how your self-practice is going.

This one to one support is so important to me and specifically for this reason, I keep the group size of each course intake small.

  • Support from your peers – the online learning platform I use allow group members to communicate as often as they want. You can share your experiences with the group and learn from others. A small course group offers a safe and collaborative space for us to learn and thrive together.
  • Structure of the course – the course is delivered over 8 weeks combining weekly LIVE ZOOM classes and your daily self-practice.

You will find that have access to rich course materials on our online learning platform, supporting your self-practice in every way – providing information, short teaching videos covering key subjects, guided meditation and breathwork audios.

In between LIVE ZOOM classes, I will continue to share messages and follow ups with the group, encouraging your self-practice every step of the way.




This course gave me just what I needed. It WORKS!

“At the beginning of this journey I wasn't sure whether I should try to see a therapist to talk through some of my anxieties as I was feeling low and stressed about the world and my place in it.

I have always been interested in how the Breath affects me and I wanted to look at this in more detail. I liked that the course offered mindfulness and breathwork as this seemed a great combination.

My mind can be over active and cause me a lot of unnecessary stress. This course has been carefully worked out and each stage connects so beautifully with the next session.

I now feel that I have some brilliant tools in my toolkit that I can draw on, a wide range of practices to suit all occasions and I am so much more mindful of so many situations that I find myself in.

My self-confidence has definitely grown and I find myself being so much kinder to myself taking time out to pause and breathe and reflect on my behaviour and how that impacts on my family and friends and out into the wider community.

I felt totally safe in the hands of a very experienced and empathetic group facilitator. Exploring myself through mindfulness and breathwork has given me just what I need at this stage in my life and hopefully for the rest of my life..


I have always been unsure about joining groups and I wasn't sure how this would work online but from the first session I was immediately put at ease with the energy and compassion that came oozing out of Melike Hussein.

Her presence creates a caring and calming environment and she facilitates each session with care and concern about each of the participants.

She has an incredible zest for life and her passion and knowledge on this subject is very infectious and one can't help be carried away by it and it WORKS !! I am very grateful to have stumbled on this amazing course and to have spent eight informative and fun filled evenings with Melike.

- Lindsey 

Strongly recommend this course

"I strongly recommend anyone feeling anxious and/or stressed in their daily life to attend this course.

The course is a good balance between theory and practice. Breathwork and mindfulness complement each other, so it was great to learn and practice both.

This course gives you a handy toolkit on how to manage stress and bring more joy to your life. I found the live lessons together with self-practice very useful."

- Kadri

My self-awareness increased

“Melike gave me such an insight into how the brain works with thoughts and breaking everything down for us to understand. It has opened up so many paths for me in terms of solutions to anxiety.

Now I understand my thought process better, understand why I get anxious and know how to deal with it.

- Henrietta 

Life changing

“Amazing teacher! I really enjoyed having Melike as my teacher. Learned so much from her. I have already so highly recommended her to everyone I know. It is an amazing course that changes your life”

- Eliza

Given me the tools to take control back from Autopilot

“A large part of my life has been functioning on autopilot in addition to having difficulties managing my own emotions, often reacting as opposed to responding.

The course has given me the tools to take back control and be consciously present in my daily tasks. I feel more alert and in tune with my own body and am able to draw on the tools throughout the day without needing a special place in which to practice mindfulness meditation.”

- Rabeya 

Gained a new perspective

“I achieved a long lasting and positive change in my perspective.

Melike was an excellent teacher. She is very clear, kind and knowledgeable, delivering an excellent course”

- Daisy