How to Boost Career Longevity

23 June 2021
10:00 am – 11:00 am
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Join sistr and Melike Hussein for our open mic session where we talk about how breathwork can help you avoid burnout and shine brightly!

Following her own experience of burnout in a highly successful corporate career, Melike's work is a combination of her expertise in Breathwork and Mindfulness. Her prior medical background as a nurse allows her to combine holistic health practices with science and a keen understanding of human physiology and nervous system.

Topics Melike often works with her private and corporate clients  include:

  • Understanding and preventing burnout
  • Supporting career longevity: this will be a well rounded look at one’s health, wellbeing and performance
  • Power of Attention: this is the foundation of our efficiency and productivity, yet we don't fully understand it or know how to train it
  • Mindfulness as an attention training tool
  • Smart working practices to boost your productivity
  • How to breathe correctly: Breathing in incorrect patterns such as breath holding, shallow breathing, chest breathing actually triggers’ our body’s ‘fight or flight’ response. So while we breathe automatically, we need to notice how we breathe and, if limiting patterns are present, take necessary steps to breathe well and correctly.
  • Simple tools to boost your immune system: This combines range of breathing and mindfulness exercises with practical daily habit tips.

Melike can also help with:

  • stress - how to detect early signs of stress and practical tips and tools to alleviate it (by restoring balance to the nervous system)
  • chronic stress - what are the signs (i.e. when do we know that stress is pervasive) and how to proactively manage it
  • sleep - art and science of sleeping well. I offer range of tools and daily habit tips to ensure a restful sleep
  • anxiety - how it differs from stress and practical tools to proactively manage anxiety
  • resilience - what is being resilient means and how you can discover your resilience

So if you would like to pick Melike's brains, ask her your questions and get to know your sistr community then drop in to our live session and say hello.

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About Melike

Melike is a Certified Mindfulness Teacher, Certified Breath-Body-Mind ® Practitioner and Conscious Breathing Coach. She combines her expertise in range of Breathwork practices and Mindfulness with her medical background as a Certified Nurse.

Melike’s journey into holistic health started following a devastating burn-out, which left her temporarily paralysed, she experienced while working as a Finance Director in a global technology company.

During 15 years of her successful career in Finance, Melike experienced the detrimental effect of chronic insomnia, anxiety and stress on her health as well as her productivity. Within a short period, through the natural practices Conscious Breathing and Mindfulness, Melike witnessed a complete transformation in her mental health, wellbeing and mental performance.

Astounded by the results, Melike went on to train in these fields with the world-renowned experts, institutions and medical doctors around the world. Years of extensive professional training and field work culminated in BreathZone – a holistic health company dedicated to optimise public and employee well-being and performance.

Melike is passionate about empowering her clients with rich practical tool-kit of Conscious Breathing and Mindfulness practices, crafted to suit modern workplace and daily life.

Melike works with individuals, groups and corporate clients offering one to one sessions, workshops, courses and bespoke training events.