Join me in this weekly mindfulness and meditation classes, in the heart of Central London.

The hectic tempo of our work and daily life often catches us short in the afternoon, which is a well known phenomenon called ‘mid-afternoon dip’. You may feel lethargic, distracted, stressed and unable to focus.

It is shown that a simple step of taking a break, pausing the activities you normally do and turning your attention to being rooted in the present can help refresh and recharge your body and mind. A mindful pause, readying you to take on the rest of the day with energy and clarity.

Join this short class to take a powerful pause with selected meditation and mindfulness practices led by Melike Hussein, Breathwork and Mindfulness expert and founder of BreathZone.

How does this class work?

Classes are held in-person, within a friendly group setting.

No previous experience is needed. Classes are suitable both to newcomers and people experienced in Mindfulness and Meditation.

In each class, you learn and experience a guided Meditation or Mindfulness practice, led by Melike, to help you ground your body and mind in the present.

Following each class, you are advised to practice the techniques/exercises you just learned for 5-10 minutes, ideally every day, enhancing your learning and practice skills. These will be invaluable to help you integrate these techniques/exercises into your life.


About Melike Hussein, Founder of BreathZone

Melike  is a Certified Mindfulness Teacher, Conscious Breathwork Coach and a Qualified Nurse.

She uniquely combines her rigorous medical training with holistic health expertise, bringing a science-based focus to her work – result of her 16 years of training (medical, mindfulness and breathwork) and extensive field experience with her clients.

She is the founder of BreathZone, a wellness company dedicated to optimise individual and employee health, wellbeing and performance combining scientifically proven tools of Breathwork (aka Conscious Breathing), Mindfulness and Meditation with the medical science.

Melike’s holistic health journey started following 15 years of successful career as Finance Director. A stress-induced burnout left her temporarily paralysed with loss of her speech and movement.

Astounded by the complete transformation in her body and mind within a short space of time, thanks to Conscious Breathing and Mindfulness practices, Melike was inspired share them with others. In both fields, she trained with world-renowned masters, institutions and Medical Doctors, conducting research in their fields.

Widely featured in broadsheets and publications, Melike works with private clients, institutions and corporations, offering one to one sessions to her private clients, bespoke training events to her corporate clients as well as public workshops and courses.

Melike is passionate about empowering her clients with medically safe, science-backed and practical toolkits, fit in with their daily lives and work environments, in a range of subjects including Stress and Anxiety management; Building Resilience; Preventing Burnout; Tackling sleep-related issues and Sleep well; Menopause health and wellbeing, Train attention and focus for efficiency and performance.