Take A Break – A Powerful Tool To Combat Stress And Boost Performance

Lack of time is the main reason why so many of us skip on taking breaks. Unfortunately, powering through the day without a pause can do more harm than good – it can lead to mental fatigue, a decline in performance.

How frequently you should break from work, how long breaks should last and what activities you should engage in will differ from person to person and job to job.

But research has shown that taking regular breaks,  lunchtime breaks and even micro-breaks’ of a few minutes with non-work activities such as breathwork can help reduce stress, build our resilience, deal with the daily grind, improve mood and even to be able to relax and sleep better at night.

Regular breaks, are also found to restore energy, to sharpen your attention and support productivity by allowing your mind to rest and refresh.

So, how to kick-start the habit of taking short breaks during the day?

Integrate Performance Breaks Into Your Day

Check out this 2min practice I shared in my new YouTube channel.

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Ideally being practices seated, you can incorporate this practical breathwork exercise into your breaks or to lunchtime at work, to your commute and even while you wait in a supermarket queue. Possibilities are endless.