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Hi, I am Melike

Welcome to BreathZone, where Breathwork and Mindfulness meets Medicine and Science

I am an Author, Certified Mindfulness Teacher, Certified Breathwork (aka Conscious Breathing) Coach and a Qualified Nurse, based in London. I combine my unique background in medicine and keen understanding of human anatomy and physiology with my expertise in Breathwork and Mindfulness.

I discovered Breathwork and Mindfulness 8 years ago, when a stress-induced burnout, which left me temporarily paralysed, ignited my curiosity to find natural and powerful tools to take charge of my experiences of chronic stress, major depression, insomnia and severe anxiety.

Astounded by the complete transformation in my body and mind within a short space of time, thanks to Breathwork, Mindfulness and Meditation practices, I was inspired to train in these natural modalities and share them with others.

I bring you my 16 years of training (in both medical and holistic health) and experience across the vast spectrum of Meditation and Breathwork technique and practices including functional, (physical and cognitive) performance focused, somatic, transformational, regulation of nervous system, wim hof based breathwork and stress training, and alignment of breath-body and mind.

My goal is to empower you with the right tools, to help you lead healthier, happier and successful lives.

Widely featured in broadsheets and publications, I work with private clients, institutions and corporations, offering one to one sessions, as well as bespoke training workshops, events and courses – both online and in person.

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My passion is to help you to achieve your objectives – whether it is becoming resilient, feeling calmer, enhancing your physical performance, gaining clarity of mind and ability to sharpen your cognitive abilities such as focus or achieve personal transformation.

I teach scientifically proven real-life applications of Conscious Breathing and Mindfulness, naturally powerful modalities, that you can use in your work and in all aspects of your personal life. These methods help you build new habits for long-lasting positive changes. The result is more purposeful you, focused on achieving your personal and professional goals.

​I would love to help you whether it’s via One to One Breathing, Corporate Services – Breathwork for Business and Mindfulness for Business, Breathwork Classes and Workshops, Mindfulness Courses or my book, where I share how Breathwork and Mindfulness enabled my personal journey from burn-out back to health, transformed my life, and the lives of hundreds of my clients.

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FREE – Practical Breathwork Exercises For Work And Daily Life

If you asked me what is the key to making a part of your daily routine, the answer is to have a wide-range of short and powerful breathing exercises, and to practice them consistently every day. 

When it comes to Breathwork it is the repetition not the length of practice counts. 

I am sharing two of these practical exercises, from my vast library of resources, that have become a habit for all my clients. 

Practicing these 2 and 5 minute exercises daily, as often as you can, will help cultivate a well-regulated nervous system and change your health and life.

2-minute practice

5-Breath For A Micro Performance Break

5-minute practice

Coherent Breathing To Restore Calm & Relaxation

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Life Changing Book You Were Looking For

Ignite Your Inner Spirit captures my personal journey – experiencing a severe burn-out when I was at the top of my profession in finance and how I restored my mental and physical health simply through Breathwork and Mindfulness within a matter of months.

I hope it inspires you to make these modalities essential part of your wellbeing tool-kit and invest in your health every day.

Melike Hussein

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