5minutes and 5 questions with Melike Hussein
5 Mins and 5 Questions With Melike Hussein, Founder Of BreathZone

It is such a great pleasure to be invited by My Menopause Centre to share my Perimenopause journey, and how I took control of my symptoms and empower my clients to do the same through my safe, immediately effective, simple and side effect free holistic health practices I have built over the years.

I am passionate about sharing the information and science behind Breathwork, Mindfulness and Meditation based tools and thus offer more choice to women in how they would like to manage their own menopause experiences and thrive through it.

Check out this interview and discover some of my secret tools and techniques that turned menopause into an empowering experience for me and for my clients.

In this interview, I also shared

  • the best and the hardest things about perimenoapuse
  • the lightbulb moment that ignited my passion to pivot my practice to support women, at various stages of their menopause journeys
  • my self-care hero

Check out my interview with My Menopause Centre here