Breathwork to transform your life for the better
Exploring breathwork and its power to transform your life for the better

I was recently interviewed by Organa Beauty & Wellbeing for an Editorial piece on Breathwork, where I shared lots of amazing facts and information on Breathwork as well as my personal journey of transformation. Thank you very much for having me and crafting this detailed article.

I am passionate about sharing the information and science behind Breathwork, in its true sense. Often times, Breathwork is simply known as the collection of breathing techniques that help us change our state of being. These are all wonderful and powerful. But there is more to Breathwork.

In this interview, I shared

  • they cornerstones of Breathwork and how each of those benefit our health and wellbeing
  • scientific research behind Breathwork
  • how Mindfulness and Breathwork fit and work together?
  • my own Breathwork journey and the transformation I witnessed in my body and mind
  • a simple Breathwork technique that you can use in the moment of panic or stress

Check out my interview with Organa Beauty and Wellbeing here